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A.S. Packer

1901 - 1999

This noted New York Illustrator, a life member of the Society of Illustrators will be featured at The Cape Cod Museum of Art in a joint exhibition with his daughter, Suzanne M. Packer.

The show will include his oil portraits, early gouache paintings for advertisements and later line drawings, along with the oil paintings by his daughter, Suzanne M. Packer.

His studies as a young boy were at the Chicago Art Institute, then he spent a year in Paris at the Academie Julian. Starting as an illustrator for the Chicago Tribune he soon moved to New York City where he worked for the next 40 years as a portrait painter, illustrator and mentor to his daughter Suzanne.

The New York Illustrator, A.S. Packer, born September 27, 1901, in Chicago, Illinois was recognized in second grade for his drawing ability. His life was spent as an artist and illustrator from then until his death, October 14, 1999, Larchmont, NY.

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